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Why join the MCC of VA network?

At MCC of VA, we value our network providers and realize that your time is best spent with members – not with excessive administrative tasks. We offer many solutions to save you valuable time and resources, including:

  • Simplified credentialing, most completed within 30-60 days
  • Tools, programs and education resources online
  • Streamlined electronic claims processing through electronic data interchange, direct claims submission and electronic funds transfer
  • Timely claims payment
  • On-site, personalized support by local provider relations representatives

We work with our local provider associations, including 40 Virginia Community Service Boards such as Norfolk and Horizon Behavioral Health, and the Virginia Nursing Association, to better understand the specific challenges providers face in the development of new programs or when policies are changed. By learning from our partners and sharing our collective experiences and resources, we are able to tailor our services so that they can help you effectively and efficiently. For example, we modified our training materials based on feedback from providers and enhanced our claims testing practices to accommodate nursing facilities.

We offer live webinars and on‐site training, led by our Provider Support Specialists, further supplemented by our virtual provider training and provider resources housed on our provider website. We expand on this curriculum with ongoing training updates, program updates and annual training requirements.

We offer providers the opportunity to guide and influence Magellan’s policies through ongoing dialogue in provider focus groups, regional and local meetings, and the provider advisory committee. Take advantage of ongoing support and technical assistance, and stay up to date through our newsletter, website, webinars, weekly open forum conference calls, town hall meetings, and e‐learning.

We conduct regular claims training sessions for the first 12 months following implementation, and we provide ongoing claims training, per the needs of the provider network, throughout the life of the contract.

Join our provider network!

To join our network and become a key member of the Magellan care team, please contact us at 1-800-424-4524 or complete the form below: