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Addiction & Recovery Treatment Services (ARTS)

Many people struggle with using substances at some time in their lives. There is good news, though. Most people with a substance use disorder can benefit from treatment, no matter how challenging the problem may seem.

If you need treatment for addiction, Magellan Complete Care of Virginia provides coverage for services that can help you. There are a range of treatments that we cover. Knowing your options can be critical to you. Care coordinators are here to help you.

1. Talk with your primary care doctor. 

Ask for more details about treating substance or alcohol problems.

2. Explore the treatment options that are available. 

They range from outpatient to inpatient care. This includes medication-assisted treatment. This option is used if you struggle with the use of prescription drugs. Your doctor or health care team will work with you to find the best program for you.

3. Contact Magellan Complete Care of Virginia. 

We will talk to you about the care options available to you. We have nurses available to you 24/7. Please call 1-800-424-4524, TTY 711. These calls are confidential.

For more information about ARTS, please review your member handbook.


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